Exported Goods

We were established in 1995 as an import wholesaler and a planner for OEM products, including premium items, novelty items and SP tools for companies.
Today, we also serve as exporters and handle carburetors, sake, used medical equipment, apparel and anything else you can imagine.
If you have anything you would like to import from Japan, please contact us for inquiry.

OER Racing Carburator, parts

We operate the famous the OER carburetors (ex. SK carburetors) and parts online store and a lot of orders are being placed by fans across the world.

We sell the OER products to any place other than Japan in substitution of OER Corporation.
In other words we are their specialty export agencies. Therefore, only we can sell pure OER product directly.

This is different!
Including inside part, the whole is made in Japan. High Quality! Convincible performance!

OER official onlibe shop

Japanese sake, Shochu, Umeshu, Japanese food etc.

apanese sake(fermented rice wine), Shochu(Japanese clear distilled spirit similar to vodka)
Umeshu(sweet Japanese plum liqueur), Other alcoholic beverage, Japanese food etc.

Used Medical Equipment (CT, MRI, Endoscope, and more)

We offer high-quality used Medical Equipment(pre-owned Medical Equipment) .
All equipment are overhauled well.Endoscope, CT Scanners, MRI, X-RAY Equipment, Ultrasound System, Dental Unit System, and more. Made in Japan, others.

Please inform us what equipment you look for. We have the longtime results and trust.


Waste polymer, other scrap
Used Cruiser Yachts Craft
Cosmetics, Toiletries
Japanese tea leaves

and more...

Imported Goods

Support for cosmetics exporting to Japan

We serve you as your import agent of cosmetic products into Japan.
In Japan, the importation of cosmetic items for sales purposes is subject to approvals to be granted based on the Pharmaceutical Affairs Law.

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