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Tatsumi Co., Ltd.

We were established in 1995 as an import wholesaler and a planner for OEM products, including premium items, novelty items and SP tools for companies.

Today, we also serve as exporters and handle carburetors, sake, used medical equipment, apparel and anything else you can imagine.
If you have anything you would like to import from Japan, please contact us for inquiry.

Support for cosmetics exporting to Japan

Do your Japanese customers want to import cosmetic items to Japan? Have you obtained approval under the Pharmaceutical Affairs Law? It is not easy to import cosmetic items and sell in Japan.
Let us handle everything. ?we serve as an import agent. Learn More

OER Carburetors and parts

We operate the famous OER Carburetors and parts online store (SK SPORTS KIT,SK TURB) and a lot of orders are being placed by fans across the world.Learn More

Others services

Printing of the Japanese website and brochures are available.
Samples of other products that we handle can be found here.Learn More